Why my son won’t share his toy with your child

Why my son won’t share his toy with your child

Sharing is caring, I get it and I agree. It most certainly is. Some people may find me rude or heartless by not making my son to share, but that’s ok. That’s why he is my son. He is a very loving child. He has great manners and isn’t afraid to show his caring side. If he wants to share, he will. But he also knows he does not have to if he doesn’t want too. I will not teach my son that he has to do something just because someone else says so.

Why don’t I make him share?

It’s 2019, and I am not going to sugar coat the world for my son. Sadly, I fear very immensely what he will be growing up into, because this world has gone to hell. I can’t teach him to give something of his up so easily. What will that do? He needs to learn how to say no. I struggled for a very long time because I couldn’t say “no” whenever I needed too.

I want him to know he has a choice. And it may seem silly of me to think so much into his future by something as simple as sharing a toy on the playground, but it isn’t. What you teach them now is so important. This is when they will pick up habits, take after you and form their own little personality. Let your children know they have a choice, don’t make them feel like they owe anyone but themselves anything.

And don’t worry that it will make them selfish, or conceited, because that is not true.

Of course you let them know to be nice, fair, and understand. But no one is entitled to anything, so why should I make my son feel as if he has to share something that is his?

No, my son is not mean. He loves other kids and he plays very well with them. But when another kid is crying for a toy that he has been playing with, no I will not make him give it to your child. And no, if he doesn’t want too he will tell your child no.

The same goes if the roles were reversed. I wouldn’t expect you to give me your soda you are drinking because I wanted it, right? No of course not. So what’s the difference?

They’re kids, I know. But you need to prepare your children to be tough, stand their ground. Teach them the word no, and that it is okay to say it and okay to be told no!

Our children are the future generation, what we teach them is what they will take with them whenever they are running their own business, working their first job, or raising your grandchildren. I firmly believe in guiding your children to the best possible future they can have, as mothers that is our dream for our children.

So no, my son won’t share if he don’t want too. He is aloud to tell your child no. He is also okay with receiving the word no.

For that, I am proud. Not only do I feel as though I have taught him to stand up for himself, I’ve taught him it’s okay to be told no, which will really help him in his future.

And his future is the most important thing to me.

I would like to add, Please don’t feel as though I am downing any parent that encourages their child to share. You can raise your children however you believe. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion. I won’t judge you, or tell you what to do with your child. So please have the same respect to me as well, even if you don’t agree. You don’t have to dislike someone or end friendships over a difference of opinion.

That is truly the most inspiring lesson we could teach our children.

Much love <3

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