How to save money each month

How to save money each month

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There are so many ways to save money, some that are so easy you will wish you had thought of it sooner! Raising children, especially in today’s economy, can become very expensive.

With the techniques I’m about to share with you, I saved over $150 last month! It’s super easy, you don’t need any special guides or courses!

Saving money can be a challenge if you don’t have the right strategies. But do you even need a strategy? No!

The internet world is the best way to save money!

eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Mercari

These are all amazing platforms for selling items you no longer use or need. You can sell anything, literally! Not sure where to start? I’ll help you.

Go through your and your child’s outgrown clothes and sell them! Depending on the brand, condition, and how much you have, you could make an easy $30-80 just from clothes! I made over $200 within 2 months just from selling makeup, broken electronics laying around, and toys/action figures my son didn’t play with anymore!

Go through closets, your attic, or even things around your home that you don’t like, or just don’t want! You would be surprised at what someone else would find amazing that is really not something you like. Curtains, Vases, Wall Art, dishes, and even magazines! If you aren’t sure about an asking price, find out what the item sells brand new or look up similar items and go from there!

Make gifts instead of buying

Even if you aren’t crafty, there are plenty of easy gifts you can hand make that don’t require any skill! Handmade gifts are always much more fun to give, and the best keepsakes!


Couponing is easier then it’s made out to be. You don’t need big binders, or thousands of coupons to save money. You don’t need to learn any special technique. You can coupon right from your smartphone so easily. There are so many apps that are legit and free to sign up with!

Family Dollar, McDonalds, Target, so many stores and fast food places have apps with daily deals! Go to your App Store on your cell phone, and search your favorite stores! And if there isn’t an app, visit their website! Most stores have daily deal digital coupons daily that offer great deals!

Another great app is iBotta. 100% legit!

You scan your receipts from grocery shopping and receive money back for discounted items! The items change so much, so it’s not the same items, and don’t buy an item just because it’s on the app! I promise, using this app to scan your receipts from daily shopping will save you some cash. I cashed out $78 dollars last month from just a months worth of receipts!

My favorite app is eBates!

If you shop online, you need this app! Whenever you are buying offline, buy through this app. It will give you so much percentage back on your order! And when you spend $25 or more the first time, it automatically gives back $10 plus whatever the offer is for the website you shop from! So, if you are an online shopper, I highly recommend using this app. It’s a must have!

Turn off your TV!

This is so simple. And maybe, it won’t help much for some, but wow! The difference it made for me is incredible.

My electric bill went from $354 too $303 from making sure anytime a television wasn’t being watched, I turn it off! The little things like that can seriously cost you, something you don’t even really think about!

And there you have it! Simple, easy ways to save money! Don’t knock these until you try them guys. I use to be so against these techniques, swearing it wouldn’t make a difference until I finally gave it a try! Start saving now!

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