How To Potty Train A Puppy

How To Potty Train A Puppy

I see a lot of parents getting their children puppies as a gift, which is super sweet and one of the best gifts! Although they don’t realize how much work a puppy can actually be,

Puppies are a lot like children in my opinion. They require attention, discipline, and love. Recently, my sons father talked me into getting our 4 year old a puppy and let me tell you… it was a lot harder then I thought it would be.

One of the hardest things to train your puppy to do is… use the potty outside. We have had our Boxer for about 5 months now, and I think we have potty training down pat pretty confidently now. It’s pretty simple with a routine. Finding what worked for us and our puppy was kinda difficult, but we got there.

Take your puppy outside every 1-2 hours, 10-20 minutes after eating/drinking water, and after a play session. It’s a lot, I know. Try your best to stay consistent with taking them outside, and stay with them. Walk around with them until they potty, and a secret is taking pieces of puppy treats with you and rewarding your puppy, letting them know they are doing right! Also, jump up and down and show excitement.

When they have an accident, and it will, trust me! Don’t smack them or put their nose in it, once they have already emptied themselves out it won’t matter what you do. If you don’t catch them in the act, it’s too late, just take them outside and see if they need to finish. But, if you catch them in the act or about too, calmly say no, and take them outside.

I feel like this is where a lot of people can mess up with potty training their puppy. Yelling at them will make them fear you, especially when they don’t know why they are being yelled at. They have no clue what they’ve done once they’ve already done it, so save your breath.

Also, if you want to try indoor ‘puppy pads’ do this same technique, but make them stay on the pad till they pad and reward your puppy! Getting it to stay on the pad may be a little bit harder, just be consistent. Don’t give up, because if you let them do it anywhere just once and think it’ll be okay, it will be harder to teach them.

Puppies have a very small bladder, just like a newborn baby. They aren’t able to hold their urine in because the size of their bladder is so little, meaning it fills up quickly. Try to remember that whenever you feel yourself getting irritated!

Keep a good consistency with your puppy for as long as it takes, which can sometimes seem like forever but it’s not! Good luck and I hope this helps!

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