How I Reached 1k followers on Pinterest in my first week!

How I Reached 1k followers on Pinterest in my first week!

My 3 month goal was to reach 1 thousand followers on Pinterest…

and within my FIRST week, I reached that goal!

It’s a lot easier then you may think, you don’t need anything but TIME. And not even a lot of time!

You need to make sure you have switched your Pinterest account to business, put up a good picture of just you as your profile picture, and create a bio.

Pretty simple! And it only gets easier..

Pin, but don’t over do it! Tailwind is great for scheduling your pins at the right time, but you don’t have to schedule them. Take about 10 minutes every 2-4 hours and pin 10 great articles/photos for your audience. Organize your boards and keep your pins relevant to which boards you save them too. Pin more of others posts then your own!

Follow whoever follows you back! Look for pinners who have the same niche as you, and follow them. It’s okay if they aren’t pinning the exact same things as you, as long as they have some content to match yours it’s fine!

Comment on pins you like! Don’t just rush through, leaving short typical comments. Leave a pretty descriptive comment, explaining why you like or didn’t like it, and if you didn’t, don’t be harsh or rude!

Comment on things relevant to your niche. Don’t leave your blog website, or ask to follow you, just leave your genuine feedback about how you felt about what you read! Don’t be afraid to engage with other bloggers within your niche, everyone loves getting nice comments and communicating with follow bloggers!

Simple, right? It all bubbles down to being active! You can’t just pin your blogs and hope to log back into thousands of followers. Think of it this way, if you help others, they’ll wanna help you!

Just remember, it won’t happen over night, and if it’s going slow or seem like nothing is happening don’t feel discouraged because honestly even I am not fully where I wanna be. I have reached my follower goal, but my pins still don’t reach a lot of views daily, honestly hardly any at all, but whenever I reached 1k followers I got so excited I just felt like I needed to share some tips to help others!

The best way to predict the future, is to create it. -Abraham Lincoln

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