The Perfect Sensory Activities

The Perfect Sensory Activities

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I absolutely love to do fun activities, crafts, and explore with my son. Some things would be very overwhelming for him, while I would catch myself getting upset, I realized that instead of thinking about myself, I should think about what he would enjoy.

I researched, read books, wrote down everything he liked, didn’t like, what caused a melt down etc. and came up with some pretty great things that we both absolutely loved!

Our favorite is making “Paw Prints

-All you need is cornstarch, and two old rugs or mats (a darker color is better). Sprinkle the cornstarch over the mats and let them make their foot/hand prints however they please! My son absolutely loves it and finds it so amazing!

This next one is not only fun to do, but it’s fun to prepare it as well!

-All you’ll need is colored finger paint or even hair gel and ziplock bags. We used 2-3 different colors, put a couple scoops of each color into the bag. He loved mixing it all together, writing letters, drawing, seeing the colors change excited him so much!

This one is a great way to make a memorable, fun walk. “Nature Braclets” are so fun and easy to make!

-Wrap a piece of tape loosely on your child’s wrist, sticky side out. As you walk, pick up small flowers, leaves, feathers etc. until the tape is covered! If you’d like to keep it as a keep sake, I glued the first few my son done to paper into a little box to keep it forever!

An activity we enjoy is fishing!

-We always find a lake or pond that is easy accessible, and filled with tiny bait fish. Even if he doesn’t catch anything, he loves to reel his rod in over and over again.

Hide n seek is always a win!

-We tried it a different way however. I would hide little toys around the yard/house for him to find. Of course I gave him lots of obvious hints, but the happiness from finding the toys (thinking on his own) is priceless.

Building Block challenge (we made up the name)

My son loves to stack and line things up in a perfect line, and if it doesn’t stay or isn’t just the way he wants it; game over.

We found boxes (all different sizes, large to small) and made kind of a ‘pyramid’. And of course, we painted and colored the boxes how he wanted!

Stable, fun stacking just how he likes it. Plus, it keeps him occupied for quite some time!

Some well-known activities we enjoy greatly; putting sugar in a pan, writing/drawing, making ‘food boxes’ to play in, and putting colored balls into the correct ‘hole’ (made out of a box).

I still am clueless about how I can make life so easy for my sensory seeker, because every mother wants that for their children, right? So don’t feel discouraged if you are having trouble figuring what your child enjoys. We all struggle, even if it seems as if some parents have it down, they don’t.

Also, there is an amazing company that has a wide, great selection of Sensory Play toys and clothing that are life savers. Chewies, Balls, Press Products, anything you could think of! You can visit the website here and check it out!

There are many great ways to enjoy your days! Learning what your child responds to is the most important factor in determining what he/she would enjoy the most.

I know there are days it feels as if I won’t survive, and if you do too, hang in there momma. You are doing great.

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