Teen Moms- Your Life Is Not Over

Teen Moms- Your Life Is Not Over

I became a mother at 15 years old. Crazy right? I was a sophomore in High School. No, it wasn’t planned. Yes, I used protection. Life is a crazy adventure, and I believe in fate.

So yes, I believe my son was sent to me for a reason.

Yes, I believe I was meant to be his mother.

Yes, I am a proud mother.

Teen pregnancy is definitely not ideal, nor it is any easier then it would be if you were 30, but it’s not the end of the world.

Often times, you are told “your life is over” if you get pregnant as a teen or even before you’ve finished college or got your life completely together.

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

You are NEVER going to be ‘prepared’ for a child. Ever. I don’t care how old you are, how many children you have ‘babysit’, how many nieces/nephews you have, you are never truly ‘prepared’ for a child.

No, not because it’s so hard. Motherhood is not easy, but that’s not the reason.

You will never prepare yourself for the love you will feel for your child. It is more then you could ever dream you were capable of loving, and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming how much you love them.

Your life is NOT over.

It has just begun..

Just because you become a mom does not mean you can’t have girl nights, it does not mean you can’t take a day for yourself.

Yes, your kids come first, but you have to take care of you too.

You are aloud to have babysitters.

You are aloud to have a night out.

You are aloud to take a breath.

Your life is so far from over.

Another thing that jerks me the wrong way is hearing “Your gonna grow up together”

Yes, you may be right about that.

But we have two different meanings on that statement.

My baby will grow up with me. My baby will help me grow in so many ways, while I help him grow in so many ways.

We will be teaching each other the value of life and we won’t even know it.

This last one is something I’m sure every mother can relate too, being told “you need to get your life together for your baby”

No shit. As if we don’t know that and beat ourself up for it enough already?

There are so many mothers that work hard day in and day out, miss first steps, first words, holidays etc. and they are the strongest women I know.

While there is also stay at home mothers, ones that often feel they are going to go crazy if they spend one more minute picking up the same mess for the seventh time, but wouldn’t change it for anything.

There are mothers who are students, wether it’s finishing school or getting their degree; and the only thing that gets them through the days are knowing who they are doing it for.

I promise you, there is nothing more we want then to give our children the best life they possibly could, and your comments really do not help.

Teenage Pregnancy is not a happy thing, but at the same time, pregnancy is a beautiful thing no matter what.

I can guarantee you that every teen mom wishes they could have been older, finished school, got their degree, got married before they brought a child into the world

But that doesn’t make them any less than any other mother.

As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, we should uplift one another.

Offer a helping hand instead of judging.

Ask them if they are okay, or just have a conversation.

Being a mother is a blessing and the greatest gift life could ever have to offer, so stop making women of any age feel guilty or as if they aren’t enough.

You are enough.

You are a great mom.

You are doing amazing.

Keep up the good work, momma.

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