How To Loose 20lbs in 1 month

How To Loose 20lbs in 1 month

Loosing weight can be very hard, or it can be super easy!

One of the first key steps you absolutely have to start with is motivation.

Remind yourself everyday why you are doing it, and always remind yourself of your goal. Wether you want to loose 100lbs or 10lbs, stay motivated.

Whenever I had my son, I weighed almost 200lbs.

About 2 months ago, I weighed 217lbs..

I was so disgusted with myself, not because of how I looked, but because I let myself eat my feelings for a long time. I have became very insecure, but everyday I get better.

I now weigh 193lbs! And I am going to share with you how I have lost 24lbs in almost 2 months.

1. Drink water. And no, not the usual everyone will tell you, “nothing but water” because I still drink soda.

Drink at least 1-3 bottles a day (or more), I started out just sipping on water as much as I could. And now, I drink around 3 bottles a day.

You don’t have to stop drinking soda, juice, coffee, etc.

Just slowly add water into your lifestyle!

2. WALK. And no, you don’t have to go walk laps, you can if you want, of course! But I have a different method.

Whenever you had kids, who has the time for that? If you don’t, whenever you are just sitting around doing nothing while at home with the kids, just walk around your house.

Do you have an upstairs? Walk up and down the steps as much as you can.

Stay up and moving! It may not seem as if your doing much, but you have to start somewhere.

3. NO bread, chips, pasta’s after 3pm.

Easier said then done, but it’s actually not as hard as it seems.

You can still have it for lunch, but I suggest not for dinner. There are plenty of meals to make that are healthier and not considered diet food!

The key is burning more carbs then you take in, that’s how you shed some lbs!

4. When your sitting around wanting a snack, don’t grab the potato chips, gummies, whatever it is.

Try pretzels, cashews, grapes, strawberries, any kind of fruit or veggies.

Once you get yourself in the habit of snacking of these types of things, it really is so relieving and you won’t miss any of the other stuff!

5. Don’t eat nothing after 6pm.

Once the evening hits, your body sorta shuts down, so anything you eat after that time just sits and turns into fat.

If there’s days you just can’t help it, or maybe you missed dinner, that is okay.

It doesn’t mean you fail, or you should quit or your gonna mess it all up.

Just grab some of the snacks I mentioned before! Its totally okay.

6. I recommend getting a B-12 shot monthly, if you possibly can. They provide a lot of energy, fat burners, metabolism boosters, etc.

It’s nothing bad, at all. It’s just like energy in a shot! And no, this won’t make you loose 5lbs just from taking a shot.

The energy you gain from this shot is the best. If your someone like me anyways, that struggles with finding the motivation to get up and moving a lot of the days.

Of course, loosing weight is not easy at all. But if you stick to these things, I can promise it becomes easier. It will take time, and eventually you will have to become more strict with your diet because you will come to a ‘stand still’ until you cut something else unhealthy out. Wether it’s the soda, some of the snacks, etc.

A lot of diets fail because of trying to stop the bad habits cold turkey, which is why I recommend starting out slowly and building yourself up to the hard care dieting.

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