Ultimate Guide For A Smoother Bedtime

Ultimate Guide For A Smoother Bedtime

Bedtime can be a real challenge for many moms and children. I struggled with getting a routine down for my son for quite some time before it became an actual ‘routine’ for us.

Us moms need our ‘me’ time, even if it’s that half hour you can stay awake once the kid(s) are asleep!

I cut all naps completely out once my son reached about 18-20 months of age. He didn’t mind it, actually, which shocked me!

I recommend cutting out nap time, or limiting how long they sleep and making sure it isn’t late in the day. Anytime after 2 maybe 3pm will not help with sleeping at a decent time when it comes to bedtime.

Baths, of course. 

A nice, warm bath before lying down feels great to all of us. Washing the day off, knowing dream land isn’t far away.

For potty trained toddlers; make sure you are limiting the amount of fluids come evening time. Making sure they are emptying themselves all they can before bedtime is a life saver!

A quiet, sleep friendly place.

While everything is a great help, I truly believe this is the best.

Once it hits 9pm, we are ready to start snoozing. Turning off lights, televisions off or the volume down makes such a difference. No distractions or anything keeping your child’s attention off of relaxing.

NO Sugar!

Drinks, candy, food etc. with sugar should be cut off completely a few hours before their bedtime. It may not seem like it would help, but it truly does.

Of course, you can do as you please with your children. This is just my advice if you are as crazy as me with a bedtime routine! I have always been a firm believer in getting a good amount of rest, at the timely manner, though I know some don’t really mind it, and that’s ok.

Remember when cutting things out, it will not be easy! Stick to it momma, you will get through it and the outcome will be worth it!

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